A Different Business Model

Today, law firms are growing larger and legal services are more expensive while being more impersonal. At Jackson & Campbell, P.C., we continue to choose a different model.

We believe that the practice of law is about ensuring our clients’ success. We provide the legal services and knowledge that our clients require in order to be successful in their businesses and reach their aspirations. When our lawyer福利彩票app下载s succeed, our clients succeed.

We believe in personal relationships.

We represent individuals, families, not-for-profit companies, small and large businesses, and national and international corporations. In each representation, regardless of distance or size, we strive to establish an attorney-client relationship founded on trust and confidence. We believe that our clients are best served when they know their lawyer福利彩票app下载s, not just their lawyer福利彩票app下载s’ names; and that the practice of law is more meaningful and enjoyable when lawyer福利彩票app下载s know their clients.

We’re traditional, in the best sense of the word.

We seek to maintain the best traditions of the legal profession while adapting to the ever-changing needs of our clients. We believe that service begins with valuing your time by responding to emails promptly and answering the telephone when it rings.

We respect our clients by recognizing the value of their time and their dollar through our belief that sophisticated legal matters do not require sacrificing efficiency for effectiveness. We believe that reasonable hourly billing rates and using our attorney and staff hours wisely makes your dollar go further.

Community involvement is part of our culture.

We uphold the value of service by encouraging our lawyer福利彩票app下载s and staff to be active in organizations of interest to them. Our lawyer福利彩票app下载s are active members of local and national bar associations, civic and religious organizations, and local business groups. Our corporate giving program supports the various interests and organizations that are important to our members and clients. Jackson & Campbell supports the following organizations:

Catholic Business Network – and chapters

To learn more about the community and professional associations where our attorneys participate, please refer to each attorney’s profile.